Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Honesty is the best policy

There lived a wood cutter in a village. One day he was cutting wood in jungle near a pond. ( a short story )  Suddenly his axe fell into a river. The river was very deep and the wood cutter did not know how to swim or dive.( a short story )  So, he was sitting there with a heavy heart. He was very poor and he had not the money to buy another axe. ( a short story ) He was thinking what to do. He was very depressed and blaming his lot. Suddenly, he heard a voice and saw a fairy before him.( a short story )  The fairy asked him why he was crying. He told her everything. The fairy took pity on him. She went into the river and came back with a golden axe. She asked the wood cutter if his axe was. ( a short story ) The wood cutter replied in the negative. She then again went into the water and returned with a silver one. This time also the wood-cutter refused to take it. Finally, she brought the axe of the wood cutter from the water. The wood cutter was delighted to get back his iron axe.( a short story )  The fairy became very pleased with the wood cutter at his honesty and gave him the two valuable axes as reward. Honesty is thus always rewarded.

Food Problems in Bangladesh

    Food is a fundamental right and a vital element for human existence. Bangladesh is beset with many problems. Food is one of them. In recent years this problem is growing more acute. Population of Bangladesh is increasing at a high rate but food production is not increasing proportionately. Bangladesh is a small country but its population is very huge. This adverse land-man ratio is posing food problem to the fore front of our national challenges in the coming decades. As we have seen above increasing population is the major cause of food problem. Anyway, there are a number of reasons of food problem in Bangladesh.
          Every year Bangladesh is losing thousands of hectors of its cultivable land due to housing and other infrastructural. Secondly our farmers mainly use unscientific tools and means of cultivation that hampers our food production. Moreover our agricultural lands are divided and subdivided and also highly fragmented. Sudden unexpected natural disasters like flood, storm, excessive rainfall, drought, etc. reduce the food production of the country. Lack of proper distribution of food also creates food crisis in the country.
Any decline or crisis in food production brings great distress to people especially poor people and seriously hampers economic growth of a country. The obvious result of food problem is starvation which in the long run leads to famine. When there is crisis or problem in food production, its prices rise.
Again in order to meet the demand for food supply, country has to import food gains from abroad with a heavy cost of foreign exchange. This poses a serious pressure on country’s economy and other sectors.
Food problem is a serious one and in Bangladesh sustaining food supply to increasing population is a major challenge reasonably coordinated and pragmatic effort in a necessary. Bangladesh must find ways to increase food production. We should go for hybrid crops and from his yielding seeds. We have to develop our cultivation system scientifically. And finally the mist important step is to control population explosion.
However as there is no alternative to food for our survival, we must solve this problem. Otherwise unprecedented and quite terrible disasters may fall on us. Starvation malnutrition, poverty and suffering will prevail frustration all our development projects and positive achievements.

Slow and steady wins the race

One day a hare met a tortoise. ( a short story ) She made fun of slow pace of the tortoise and said, “You have as many legs as I have. ( a short story ) But I am sure, you cannot run as fast as I can. Most probably you can’t run at all”.( a short story )  The tortoise became very angry. He answered quietly, “You can run quite fast, no doubt. But I think, you can talk even faster than you can run. However, I agree to run a five mile race with you. “At this the hare felt very delighted. So she said, ‘Come along, let’s fox a date for the race. “They fixed a date. A fox came to see the race. The tortoise and the hare came to the starting point. The race began.  The hare began to run very fast. She jumped and jumped. She ran a mile in a few minutes. Soon she found the tortoise far behind her. ( a short story ) Then she stopped. She said, I can have a good sleep before the tortoise comes up. ( a short story ) So saying, the hare went to sleep in a bush. In the meantime the tortoise walked on and on. He did not stop anywhere. When he came to bush, he saw the lazy hare lying fast asleep. He smiled and quietly passed by her. After sometime the hare woke up. She saw that it was already evening. She immediately got on her feet. She began to run very fast. But alas! The tortoise was already crossing the winning post. The hare felt much ashamed. ( a short story ) She now said to herself,  “It is true that slow and steady wins the race.” ( a short story )

The wolf and the lamb

One day a wolf came to a stream for a drink and found a beautiful lamb drinking from the same stream.( a short story )  The wolf thought of killing the lamb and eating its flesh. So he began to pick a quarrel with the lamb.( a short story )  He shouted, ‘’You rogue, how dare you make the water dirty for me?’’ The lamb began to tremble in fear. He said, ‘’Excuse me, sir, how can I make the water dirty for you? You are drinking upstream and I am drinking downstream. ‘’ The wolf could say nothing to that but shouted, ‘’Oh, I remember, you called me bad names last year about this time.’’ ‘’How can that be, sir?’’ said the lamb mildly ‘’I was not even born then’’.( a short story )  but the wolf paid no heed to his reply.( a short story )  He growled angrily. ‘’Then it must have been your father. And it makes no difference whether it was you or your father.’’ ( a short story ) So saying, he jumped upon the poor lamb and ate him up.

Trade fair in Bangladesh

A trade fair is a large scale display of industrial and commercial goods for publicity or sale.( a short story )  In this fair, the host country invites friendly countries to install stalls to display their exportable goods to the people.( a short story )
A trade fair plays an important role in the field of making our homemade exportable goods known to other countries. It helps in earning foreign exchange too.( a short story )  Since a trade fair gives scopes to a country to display her products, friendly countries gladly respond to the call of the host country.( a short story )
I was lucky enough to visit the International Trade Fair held at Sher-E-Banglanafar in Dhaka this year.( a short story )  I went to the fair with my uncle at 10 a.m.( a short story )  Going to the entrance gate of the fair, I found an attractive sign board bearing the name of the fair. According to the rule of the fair, my uncle bought two tickets. ( a short story ) When we entered the main fair, it seemed to me that I came to a different world. I was very amazed to see this large fair.( a short story )
Hundreds of stalls were set up in rows under the banners of different countries. About 25 countries took part in this fair. They displayed their goods in an attractive manner to draw the attention of the customers. Works of arts, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, industry and many other things were placed at different corners of the fair. With the advancement of the day, thousands of people began to gather in the fair. I roamed around the whole fair with my uncle. In the afternoon I got hungry and uncle took me to a food stall to have some snacks. I bought some Arabian scents, a pair of Italian shoes and some toys made in Japan. In the evening, we started for our residence with a pleasurable mind.( a short story )
There was discipline every where in the fair. Armed forces were deployed to the all around security of the traders as well as the customers.( a short story )
Really I gathered some new experience from the trade fair. This experience will enrich my mind. In order to develop the total economy of our country, holding trade fair every year is a need of the day.