Monday, September 3, 2012

A success story of Bangladeshi people

( a short story ) Mr. Hasan’s parents are not very well-off. ( a short story ) They have a few pieces of land. They have a great hope in mind that if they can educate their only son, their evil days will come to an end.( a short story )  They will be able to pass their life in happiness. So, they spent all that they had to educate their son. After completing university education, he went to Dhaka in search of a job.( a short story )  But this time he faced the harsh reality of life. There are almost no employment opportunity for the fresher’s nowadays. If there is any somewhere, there is a tremendous competition to grab the position. Everyone wants to have a job this or that way. Seeing all these, Hasan become disgusted about searching a job. He decided to do something himself. He decided to be a self-employee. So, he returned to his village home. He first received training in vegetable cultivation from Comilla Horticulture Centre. He then got a lease of land and applied his new and improved knowledge in cultivated vegetables. He earned taka 30,000 that year. Next year, he cultivated cauliflower. ( a short story ) He made a profit of taka one lakh by selling quality cauliflower. He was also been raising hi-breed cows for milk as well as to produce manure.( a short story )  Hasan’s lot has changed radically. His monthly income is now nearly 50,000 taka. He has four employees to help him. He is very happy to be self-sufficient and to make his parents happy.( a short story )

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