Saturday, September 1, 2012

Discipline and its importance

Man is a social being. He has to live with others in society. In society he cannot do whatever he likes. He must obey some rules and regulations. To obey these rules and regulations is called discipline law and order.
The value of discipline is indescribable in our life. It helps men to live in society with peace and happiness. It is the basis of all the virtues. Without discipline nothing can be improved in a country.
Nature shows a glaring example of discipline. The earth, the moon, the stars and all the planets move around the sun following discipline strictly.
Discipline is very necessary in every steps of our life. Student life is the best time to build the habit of discipline. A student must attend school punctually and obey the rules of the school. He must carry out the orders of the teachers. Without discipline the teachers cannot teach and the students cannot learn their lessons.
Discipline is strictly maintained in the army. It is the part and parcel of the army. Difficulty, danger and even death cannot escape a soldier from carrying out the orders of his commander.
Discipline is necessary in games and sports. A player has to show respect to the decision of the referee. If the players in the play ground do not obey the rules of the game and the orders of the captain, they are sure to the lose the game.
All the members of a house should obey the rules of the family. A family, without discipline is sure to suffer chaos and unhappiness. A disciplined family leads a happy and healthy life.
Discipline is the root of all virtues of our life. Development of a society, a country and above all a nation is not possible without discipline. A life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder. So all of us should be the performer of discipline from the very beginning of life

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