Sunday, December 30, 2012

The cunning fox

(a short story)One evening a hungry fox came to a farm-house. There was a big dog lying outside the house. It was tied to a tree by a rope. A woman came out of the house and put a plate of meat on the ground. She put it near enough for the dog to reach it. (a short story) Perhaps the dog was not hungry, because it did not eat the meat.
(a short story)The fox had not eaten anything for two days, but it was afraid of the dog. The fox began to walk slowly round the tree. The dog was very angry and tried to attack the fox. (a short story)But the rope was not long enough. The fox walked round the tree, and the dog followed it, round and round. The rope was also going round the tree and becoming shorter and shorter. (a short story)At last the rope was too short for the dog to reach the plate. Then the clever fox ate up the meat and ran away.

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