Monday, December 10, 2012

The fox without a tail

One day a fox in a jungle fell into a trap.( a short story )  He tried hard to be free and managed somehow but lost his tail. ( a short story ) Without the tail the fox looked strange and ugly. He felt sad and ashamed. So he hit upon a plan. He called a meeting of all the foxes in the jungle. Seeing all the foxes in the meeting, he was very much pleased. When he stood he stood up to deliver his speech, other foxes were making fun of him without tail. ( a short story ) He got the point and so he told them to keep quiet. Then he fold them with a gay mind that he had made a great discovery. He said, “What are the uses of the tails? I think no use at all. Moreover, it makes us ugly. That’s why I’ve cut my tail. ( a short story ) Without the tail I feel so free, light and sportive. I can run faster than ever. So cut off your tails as I’ve done.” The foxes listened to him and took his suggestion a good one. ( a short story ) The fox without tail also told them about the demerits of having tails. So, the foxes in the meeting were so touched by his speech that they started thinking their tails as burden and most of them wanted to cut their tails without making any delay. ( a short story ) When they were about to do that, right at that moment a wise fox stood up and said, “Listen to me, please. Don’t accept his advice. That fox fell into a trap and lost his tail. Now he looks funny and ugly.( a short story )  So, he wants us all look like him. Don’t follow his advice.” The speech of the wise fox made other foxes think over the matter. Just at that moment, the wise fox again said, “Look at your tails. How nice they are! Nature has given us everything what is beautiful and useful. ( a short story ) If we cut our tails, we will face many problems for it.” Hearing that, all the foxes understood the trick of the fox without tail. They rebuked him and boycotted him.( a short story )  Being failure, the fox without tail went away for ever.( a short story )

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