Thursday, December 13, 2012

The judgment of king Solomon

Once there lived two women in a village.( a short story )  One of them had a baby. But the other women claimed that baby. ( a short story ) As a result both of them entangled in a quarrel. None could find a solution to the problem. Last of all they went to the court of king Solomon. King Solomon was a very wise and just king. Finding out the truth he could solve any problem. When he saw that none left claim of the baby, he thought what to do. Then he ordered one of his men to cut the baby into two equal halves and give one half to each of the woman. The first woman became very elated.( a short story )  He said, “I’m agreed with the decision.” Please give me my half.” But the second woman started howling. She told the king. “Don’t kill the baby. ( a short story ) I don’t need my share. Give the baby to her.” The king understood the fact and gave the baby to the second woman and the first woman was sent to prison.( a short story )

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