Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The wolf and the lamb

One day a wolf came to a stream for a drink and found a beautiful lamb drinking from the same stream.( a short story )  The wolf thought of killing the lamb and eating its flesh. So he began to pick a quarrel with the lamb.( a short story )  He shouted, ‘’You rogue, how dare you make the water dirty for me?’’ The lamb began to tremble in fear. He said, ‘’Excuse me, sir, how can I make the water dirty for you? You are drinking upstream and I am drinking downstream. ‘’ The wolf could say nothing to that but shouted, ‘’Oh, I remember, you called me bad names last year about this time.’’ ‘’How can that be, sir?’’ said the lamb mildly ‘’I was not even born then’’.( a short story )  but the wolf paid no heed to his reply.( a short story )  He growled angrily. ‘’Then it must have been your father. And it makes no difference whether it was you or your father.’’ ( a short story ) So saying, he jumped upon the poor lamb and ate him up.

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