Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trade fair in Bangladesh

A trade fair is a large scale display of industrial and commercial goods for publicity or sale.( a short story )  In this fair, the host country invites friendly countries to install stalls to display their exportable goods to the people.( a short story )
A trade fair plays an important role in the field of making our homemade exportable goods known to other countries. It helps in earning foreign exchange too.( a short story )  Since a trade fair gives scopes to a country to display her products, friendly countries gladly respond to the call of the host country.( a short story )
I was lucky enough to visit the International Trade Fair held at Sher-E-Banglanafar in Dhaka this year.( a short story )  I went to the fair with my uncle at 10 a.m.( a short story )  Going to the entrance gate of the fair, I found an attractive sign board bearing the name of the fair. According to the rule of the fair, my uncle bought two tickets. ( a short story ) When we entered the main fair, it seemed to me that I came to a different world. I was very amazed to see this large fair.( a short story )
Hundreds of stalls were set up in rows under the banners of different countries. About 25 countries took part in this fair. They displayed their goods in an attractive manner to draw the attention of the customers. Works of arts, crafts, handicrafts, agriculture, industry and many other things were placed at different corners of the fair. With the advancement of the day, thousands of people began to gather in the fair. I roamed around the whole fair with my uncle. In the afternoon I got hungry and uncle took me to a food stall to have some snacks. I bought some Arabian scents, a pair of Italian shoes and some toys made in Japan. In the evening, we started for our residence with a pleasurable mind.( a short story )
There was discipline every where in the fair. Armed forces were deployed to the all around security of the traders as well as the customers.( a short story )
Really I gathered some new experience from the trade fair. This experience will enrich my mind. In order to develop the total economy of our country, holding trade fair every year is a need of the day.

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