Friday, August 24, 2012

Common Birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of beauty. Birds nave added to its beauty more. We sleep at night and rise early in the morning hearing the sweet song of different birds.
There are different types of birds in our country. They are different in colour, size and habit. On their habit and activities they are also classified as teasing birds tailor birds, singing birds, birds of prey, talking birds, domestic birds, migratory birds, nocturnal birds etc.
The crow is a teasing bird. It is a very common bird of our country. It looks ugly. It lives on dirty things. The kite is also of the same nature.
The swallow, the babul and the tuntuni are the tailor birds. They are called so because they build their nests with great skill like an experienced tailor.
The cuckoo, the shyama, the doel, the koel, the nightingale etc. are known as singing birds. The cuckoo is the most popular among them. The doel is our national bird.
The vulture, the hawk, the kite etc. are birds of prey. They have keen eyes and sharp nails. They live on fish and flesh.
The parrot, the mayna and the shalik are the talkig birds. If they are trained, they can talk like a man. Many people tame them.
The very common domestic birds are the hen, the duck, the pigeon etc. we get flesh and egg from them.
Besides our native birds, many birds come to our land during autumn and winter from other countries. They flock in lakes and beels and go back after winter.
Birds are our natural wealth. They may be friend to the friendless. They also eat harmful worms and insects which destroy our crops. Some birds eat up dirty things and clean nature. They also amuse us with their sweet songs.
Birds are beautiful creation of Allah. So we should be kind to them and save them from unnecessary killing.

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