Monday, August 27, 2012

Pohela Baishakh

( a short story ) Like all other nations, Bangladesh has some unique popular festivals. ( a short story ) The first day of the Bengali calendar, i.e., the Pohela Baishakh is a day of joy and celebration for the people here.( a short story )   It is observed with great festivity.  This festival is indeed embedded in our Bengali tradition.  Every year this day comes with new hopes and aspirations.  The people wait for this day comes with utmost interest and when it comes around, all the people irrespective of caste and creed welcome it( a short story ) . The whole Bangladesh then wears a festive mood, and enjoys the pleasures of festivity, and sometimes its sorrows.( a short story )
Bangla new year is traditionally a big occasion for us. This day is a government holiday. All types of economic activities stop, and the people become busy for celebrating the day. They welcome the day with a popular song-“Esho Hey Baishakh, Esho Esho’. Each and every individual starts the day with wishing happy new year to his relatives, friends and well-wishers. They never forget to have sweetmeat, and offer it to guests on the day. Business firms and shops also wish their valued customers happy  new year with sweetmeats. Sweet words and sweetmeats make the day really sweet.( a short story )
The  Ramna Batamul in Dhaka is a place where thousands of people gather to celebrate the day with fanfare. On the day, people rise very early in the morning and gather around that place to enjoy music and have panta bhat with hilsha curry. Thus they turn back in the rich cultural heritage.  Different cultural programmes as well as colourful rallies and processions mark the day.( a short story )
On day , every family, poor and rich, arranges rich food as per  capacity with a hope that the joyful moments with linger and continue throughout the year. ( a short story ) So, people never let the day be dill and fruitless.
The Baishakhi Mela or fair is a common feature of Bangla new year, it is old tradition. One the day, fairs sit everywhere – in villages and cities. The main attraction of a fair is the array of various home-made articles or cottage industry products.  All types of people – men, women and children- come to the fair and enjoy themselves. ( a short story ) People rush to foods and other things, and the place becomes crowded. Book exhibitions and dress  exhibition are also held and enhance the beauty and joy o this big occasion.( a short story )
Halkhata is another common practice which starts from the first day of the new year.  Though  this practice is on the  wane day by day, a good number  of traders still pursue this with great enthusiasm.( a short story )
Pohela Baishkh is indeed a significant day in Bengali life. It comes to drive away old pangs and pains, and go ahead with new hope. It gives people special strength to forget the previous failure and make the best in future.

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