Friday, August 24, 2012

The condition of solvent Peasants of Bangladesh

Solvent peasant: A minority of peasants are very rich. They are landlords because they have large acres of land. They produce more than what they need. So they can lead a prosperous and easy-going life. The landlords are influential people in the villages. They also contribute to various developmental initiative of the villagers like setting up schools, mosques colleges, dispensaries, orphanage etc.
Knowledge: The learning methods of our peasants are relatively obsolete. They still use bullocks and plough to till the lands. They do not have knowledge about proper seed time, insecticide, and harvesting. As a result, they often do not get good crops. They depend on nature for good harvest instead of applying new and scientific methods in the fields. They are often unable or unwilling to apply new methods and approach in cultivation. And they are also often unable to buy tractors, machinery, sufficient fertilizers and insecticides, and irrigate their lands. All these are responsible for poor agricultural output and poor conditions of our peasants.

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