Monday, August 27, 2012

Cricket in Bangladesh

Cricket in Bangladesh has gained utmost popularity in recent times. Bangladesh has already achieved both one day and test status in world cricket that clearly holds out the strength of our cricket. However, our cricket is still suffering from various problems. We are yet to attain appreciable standard at international level. So, we have a lot to do.
Bangladesh achieved one-day status after winning ICC trophy a few tears back. It was a great recognition for Bangladesh to play in world competition. After a long sustained development we finally achieved test status, the most glorious status in world cricket.
Bangladesh cricket squad needs to be made more organized. Its batting line as well as bowling line must be strengthened further to fight the powerful sides. What is most dismal is that Bangladesh team is often easily defeated by the powerful opponents. It cannot live up to the required manifestation of skill.
But the condition can be changed with proper training and practice of our cricketers. A good coach can make a big difference. A world famous coach may be employed and more rigorous practice sessions should be held. Only strenuous field practice can make our cricket team ream reach the desired standard.
Good cricketers need to be searched around the country and picked up for the national team. Hence domestic cricket tournaments should regularly be organized. To make young talents, tournaments should also be held at the schools, colleges and universities. Young cricketers world emerge from there tournaments, and some of them may well find their place in the national team.
Cricket is now a popular game in Bangladesh. People in the cities and villages equally love cricket. Cricket has been so popular that football and other playing grounds are gradually being transformed into cricket grounds. The Banga Bandhu National Stadium is now used for cricket. Nevertheless, we need more cricket ground in every district, and regular  tournaments  should be a cricket ground in every district, and regular tournaments should be organized there.
The young people should devote most of their time to study and acquiring knowledge. But if such time is taken up by seeing a game or thinking of the various aspects of the game, and living in imagination with the joys of its victories and sorrows of its defeats, it will bring upon them some disastrous effects. It will decrease their talent in other fields. It will prevent the efflorescence of their genius, and it will have adverse effects on their bodily and mental health in general. If such conditions prevail for a long time, we will have a people of expert cricketers, but intellectually barren and emotionally unbalanced.

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