Friday, August 24, 2012

My Motherland

The name of our country is Bangladesh. It is a small country situated in the south East Asia. Its area is 1,47,570 square kilometers. Dhaka is the capital of our country.
        Bangladesh is a land of over population. More than 17 corer people live here. Most of them are Muslims. The others are Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. People of all communities live here with peace and amity. The state language of the country is Bangla. There are also a number of tribal dialects. The national dress for men is pajama and Punjabi and for women, sari. But the educated people wear trousers and shirts and young women salwar and kamiz. Most people wear lungi and shirt.
        Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Padma, the Mwghna and the Jamuna are the big rivers of the country. Her land is very fertile. Various kinds of crops and fruits are grown here. Rice is our staple food and jute and tea are our main cash crops. Mangoes, jack-fruits, pine-apples, papaws, coconuts, oranges, palms, guavas, bananas are very delicious and nutritious fruits of Bangladesh.
        There are six seasons in our country. They are summer, rain, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Every year natural calamities like flood, cyclone, draught etc. visit this country. Its climate is hot and humid.
        Bangladesh is a land of natural beauty. Numerous trees of different sizes have enhanced the beauty to a great extent. Flowers are the special gifts of nature. They have added beauty to the country offering their varied cooler, sweet smell and excellent charm.
        Bangladesh is the blessed child of nature. It is enriched with lots of natural resources. I am really proud living in such a beautiful country. 

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