Friday, August 24, 2012

The economic condition of Peasants in Bangladesh

Economic condition: Though they feed the nation, and run country’s economy, the overall condition of our peasants are very miserable. Many of our peasants cannot afford a square meals. They cannot send their children to school because they cannot bear the educational expenses. They do not get good house, pure drink, costly clothes or any modern luxuries or comforts. They are ill-fed, ill-clad, and ill-treated in the society. They are poor, illiterate, supersite’s and they suffer from malnutrition and various diseases.
Govt. and wealthy persons in the society must do something effective for our unhappy peasants. Mostly, our peasants do not get due prices of their agricultural produce. So they remain poor. Govt. can take a comprehensive distribution system of country’s cultivable land and bring landless and small peasants under beneficiary projects. They should trained about new and scientific methods of cultivation. They should be given loans without interest or on easy terms. And in must be ensured that the peasants get right price of their corps. Otherwise, their condition will remain unchanged.

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